About Titanic

Titanic Live Concert


by Robing Gibb & RJ Gibb

We proudly present the Italian debut of the original composition by Robin Gibb (one of the legendary  BEE GEES ) written together with his son Robin Junior: TITANIC in Concert.

This impressive composition (immersive, emotional and evocative) has already received the praise and appreciation of the most important critics of the music industry. It is not only the debut of Robin Gibb in the context of the so called “”Lyric Pop”  music style; but also and foremost, the opportunity for the public to attend an event that in the wake of innovation and the continuous research of new technical possibilities, will represent a turning point in LIVE SHOW .

Specifically, following the need to fulfil the growing demand for “look alike” live events , (NEEDED now more than ever, considering the technological progress in cinema and television); and in the wake of the positive experience with the recreation of virtual environments on stage through extraordinary possibilities given by  the use of holograms… TITANIC in Concert will be the decisive turning point toward this fascinating project toward the future.

During the show, the likeness of Robin Gibb (who unfortunately died after a long illness soon after presenting his last work) will be presented on stage as PROJECTED HOLOGRAM and will interpret the main song from the TITANIC concert “Don’t Cry Alone” which was never performed live by the author, as if time had never passed.

THE HOLOGRAM of Robin represents a technological (and we dare say) also a sentimental revolution, if we consider that this opens the doors to the possibility of bringing to the public and on the stage, all those great music myths of music that still remain in the hearts of millions world-wide. During the Titanic, there will be the possibility to assist to an unprecedented event, given the presence of a virtual thematic scenography, produced with the help of the same innovative and revolutionary technology.

The TITANIC REQUIEM is a unique event. Immersive, classic yet popular that after making its world debut in London with the ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, will see his its debut performance in Italy, and then in the rest of the world also.

The concert was first presented at the Central Hall, London, UK in remembrance of the 100 years of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

It was also aired by the BBC Teelvision on 4th January 2013